10 Rustic Wood Countertops for Your Kitchens

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Rustic countertops become many people choices because it gives a classic and stunning look.

The use of wood material can be very beneficial because it gives a long last usage.

Unlike any other material, the wood material is known for the durability.

Rustic Wood Countertops

There are few lists of wooden you can choose if you plan to design a rustic countertop for kitchen.

Raw Wooden Countertop

Image Source: hzcdn.com

As the raw wooden, it is not always hard to make it as countertop. The use of this raw wooden for the countertop will give a very natural look.

Since sometimes the designer doesn’t cut the wood in a proper size, so the wood will be in the origin size and shape.

Reclaimed Wooden Countertop

Image Source: bobvila.com

Reclaimed wooden for countertop is a bit similar with the raw wooden.

What makes them different is that if you already have the old unused wooden, you can use it as your countertop by repaint it.

You can leave the shape just the way it is or you can cut it as you wish based on the wood you need.

Cherry Wooden Countertop

Image Source: butcherblock.com

Cherry wood is of the timeless woods. This wood is usually used for the building and also construction because its durability and strength.

You can give a natural paint as the finishing and also this wood will give a smooth surface for the countertop.

This timeless wood will give an elegant look for the kitchen.

Zebra Wooden Countertop

Image Source: materialsandproducts.com

As it represents the zebra color and pattern, this wooden material will also give a strike pattern.

When you can to have a natural pattern look of a wood, this material can be the best choice.

It gives a strong appearance and also a unique accent for the kitchen countertops.

Bamboo Wooden Countertop

Image Source: cloudinary.com

Bamboo is also one of the natural material for the building or construction. Many cutting board products use bamboo as its material.

Many crafts also use bamboo to reduce the use of plastics. Surprisingly, you can also design your kitchen countertops using bamboo.

It gives a contemporary look yet tidy and natural for your kitchen.

Maple Wooden Countertop

Image Source: pinimg.com

Maple is one of the gorgeous woods ever. it also give an eye catching look even though it cuts and redesign.

The resistance to abrasive will make this material long last.

That’s why, if you want to create rustic countertop, you can use maple as the wooden countertop that will make your countertop perfect.

Tiger Wooden Countertop

Image Source: bobvila.com

This type has the stripes all along the wood. It gives a natural pattern. With a good painting, it will really give an elegant and modern look for countertop.

Wenge Wooden Countertop

Image Source: pinimg.com

This old wood is very popular because it has a natural black and brown color. It is a timeless wood even though you don’t repaint it.

Mahogany Wooden Countertop

Image Source: paynescoffeeandcustard.com

Even though there are various type of woods, mahogany is the best one. This wood is an ever-lasting high end wood for furnishing.

It is visually unique and attractive so you don’t need any painting.

Wormy Chesnutt Wooden Countertop

Image Source: marylandwoodcountertops.com

This wood will really beautify your kitchen because this is the popular material for rustic design. It has the finest texture and also very soft among other woods.

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